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fatco stainless steel scoop in myrrhaculous face cream
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Stainless Steel Spatula
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Do you HATE scooping your FATCO products out of the jars with your fingers? Well have we got the tool for you!

Introducing our brand new Stainless Steel Spatula!

Use this adorable little scooper to remove product from all of your favorite skincare jars! Made using 100% Stainless Steel, each scoop is smoothly cut and finished, with no sharp edges anywhere!

It's Hygienic: Limiting the use of your fingers inside your product jars will reduce the potential for introducing bacteria into the formula. Less bacteria=longer lasting product!

It's Durable: You’ll never have to replace this scoop, ever!

It's Reusable: Since this scoop can be sanitized, it will last forever (unlike the plastic alternatives).

Dimensions: 57mm x 15mm x 1mm thick
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