How long will it take my skin to adjust to a new Oil Cleansing regiment?

Normally it takes about 2 weeks for your skin to adjust to the Oil Cleansing method.



What can I expect during this transition period?

Your skin my look younger the very next day...or, it may break out like it did when you were a teenager! Remember, your skin has been washed, picked, toned, cleansed, scrubbed, and exfoliated using products with chemicals and toxic preservatives for a very long time. You can't expect changes to happen overnight. So, this process will require P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E! Be patient...stick it out at least 2 weeks...and you will be very happy with the results!



Is Oil Cleansing good for people with acne prone or problem skin?

The short answer is YES!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of CRAP in store bought products which have a tendency to actually CAUSE irritation and inflammation! Yup, that's right... that face wash on your counter that says "natural" and "organic" and "dermatologist approved" could actually be CAUSING your breakouts! So, just by switching to more natural and REAL products can give your skin a chance to heal and re-balance. It's actually quite amazing!!!




Are your products Gluten Free?

All of our ingredients are free of gluten containing substances. Since all of our products are hand-made by us, we can definitely guarantee that there is no cross contamination in our manufacturing process, but we can't say the same for all of our suppliers. A majority of our supplies come from Mountain Rose Herbs, and they are currently not certified as a Gluten Free facility. This doesn't mean that their products are NOT Gluten Free, but rather that they do not yet have certification.

Because we know how detrimental it can be for someone with celiacs to use products with gluten in them, we want to be upfront and honest about this. So, in summary, we cannot say with 100% certainty that our products are GF, but this is something that we're working on and will keep you posted!




Are the Products Cruelty Free?

YES! While we have NEVER tested our products on animals, we received our official Cruelty Free certification via The Leaping Bunny in June 2017! However, we do use animal byproducts (i.e., tallow, aka beef fat) in our products. Obviously, an animal had to die for this ingredient. However, we here at FATCO are HUGE believers in the "Nose to Tail" philosophy. This means that we believe in using the WHOLE animal, not just the meat. This includes everything, all the way down to the bones and fat! 




Are there any preservatives in your products?

We use absolutely no artificial preservatives in our products. We believe that we should treat our skincare products like we treat the food that we feed our bodies. We personally try to stay away from pre-packaged foods with long shelf lives, so why would the rules change for your skincare products? All of our products should be opened within two years of manufacturing date (the open by date can be found on the bottom of the jar) and should be used within 6 months of opening.



Where are your products made?

FATCO products are handmade at a small privately owned facility in Austin, Texas.




What do I do when I’m not oil cleansing?

We recommend that you oil cleanse only once per day. I like to use it in the evening because that way I can use it to remove any makeup I've been wearing throughout the day. If you choose to use it in the evening, I would recommend simply splashing your face with water in the morning. One alternative that I sometimes recommend to people new to FATCO products is to use a little bit of baking soda along with the water. Baking soda is great because it acts as a mild exfoliant, and it also helps to balance the pH of your skin. You can use your Clarisonic® brush with the baking soda for extra deep clean!

Just remember that as you begin to oil cleanse regularly, your skin will become more balanced and you will have less of that "my skin feels icky" feeling. Not "washing" your face twice a day can be tough to get used to...but only because we've become so "used to" our regular routine! Trust me...if you give your skin a chance to balance itself, it WILL!




I’m still stinky OR I’m still breaking out!

If you're transitioning from commercial products (facial washes and antiperspirant), your body may take some time to detoxify from all those chemicals your body is used to. This means that you may stink more before it gets better. I know, it's a Total Bummer!

You may want to also take a better look at other lifestyle factors that may be effecting your body odor or skin:- How is your diet? Are you eating "clean" or dirty"? Do you consume a lot of pasteurized dairy on a daily basis?- How much water are you drinking every day?- How much sleep are you getting every night?- How much exercise are you getting? Do you sweat for at least 1/2 hour each day?- How stressful is your life right now? - What are your hormone levels looking like? Are they all out of whack? Is it close to "that time of the month"?

Hormones have a HUGE impact on your skin and your body odor! And most things (like food and stress) play a huge role in your hormone levels. Your problem may be a bit more deeply rooted in your hormone levels.



Is fat safe?

There are many companies out there that will tout Tallow (and ALL animal fats) as being "bad" and "dangerous". But we know from all the research that we've done that natural animal fats are completely safe and healthy, but only when sourced from safe and healthy animals! This is very important, because using tallow from factory farmed animals can be VERY dangerous! So yes, you are correct that animals store toxins in their fat. However, the toxicity of many products on store shelves hugely outweighs the toxins that you will find in the tallow that we use! When animals live happy, stress and antibiotic free lives, you'd be surprised at how little "toxins" they have in their system! We as humans probably have more toxins stored in OUR fat due to the fact that we are hit 24/7 with all kinds of environmental toxins, some completely out of our control. But the cows that we get our tallow from are a completely different story.




Why is my Body Butta Lumpy?

As you may or may not know, none of our products contain any stabilizers or preservatives, so this means that the consistency of our products WILL vary with temperature changes. What we have found is that depending on how quickly the Butta's are cooled, sometimes the tallow will form small balls within the mixture. 

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the product, it might not look and feel like products that you've used in the past. But this is because our products are TRULY all-natural!

If you remove the product from the jar and rub it into your skin, the balls WILL melt-out and go away.



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