Cassy’s passion for clean eating inspired her business — making clean skincare products.

For years, Cassy practiced the philosophy that a health-conscious diet can improve your life, one meal at a time. This connection between food and well-being led her on a quest to find skincare products developed for the same benefits. To her, feeding your skin is just as important as feeding your appetite — it’s all about healthy, nutritious choices.

When she couldn’t find exactly what she was searching for, Cassy decided to take matters into her own hands by crafting good-for-you products from her own home; and FATCO was born!

Through the company, Cassy brings awareness and education about how small changes in your life can improve your skin as well as your overall health. Tallow and other naturally occurring ingredients are the basis for FATCO’s products — upholding the idea that just like clean dieting, clean hygiene is a sound approach to living well.

An East Coast native, Cassy attended Northeastern University in Boston where she earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She then worked and lived in San Diego for ten years as a Manufacturing Engineer at Autosplice, an automotive manufacturing company. A new opportunity brought her to South Lake Tahoe where she lives and operates FATCO.

“It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes. Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s change the way we treat each other.” — Tupac Shakur


Julia discovered FATCO while looking for a local Christmas gift for her mother. She was impressed with the quality of the customer service and her mom instantly fell in love with the Myrrhaculous face cream. Fast forward to a year and a half later and Julia saw an opening to join Team FATCO. She was overwhelmed by FATCO's success and vision for the future and knew this was the place for her. 

Born and raised in The Woodlands, TX, Julia headed out west for college and attended Pepperdine University and earned both a B.S. and an M.B.A. She set her sights on the ski industry and worked in marketing for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team in Park City as well as Vail Resorts in Lake Tahoe. While living in Park City, Julia was working with a trainer who asked her to give the Paleo lifestyle a try. What seemed like an overwhelming ask ended up being the best decision of her life. She has since maintained a focus on fueling her body with real food both inside and out.

Julia is stoked to be a part of Team FATCO and proud to stand behind these products that can truly change people's quality of life.


Tim is the newest member of the FATCO family. And he comes to us by way of Cassy…because he is her (much) better half! 

Tim was raised in a small town in Southern California (Carpinteria) where he grew up playing volleyball (indoor & beach), surfing, and fishing. This eventually led to him attending college in Montana and a lifelong search for the perfect balance between work and lifestyle.

Prior to joining the FATCO squad, Tim had two main careers: Coaching indoor volleyball and Farming. He has coached both high school and club, and has traveled the country coaching camps for Gold Medal Squared. As a farmer, he has managed an olive ranch, helped a family build a small goat dairy and was the assistant dairy manager of a large-scale commercial goat dairy in Humboldt County.

Three years ago, Tim embarked on a journey to begin living a healthier lifestyle, and began making drastic changes in his diet and exercise regimen - which ended up working out great when he met Cassy! From the moment he learned about FATCO he knew he wanted to be a part of it. The position of Operations and Logistics Manager came available and Tim jumped at the opportunity to go into the “Family Business.”

Tim lives in Northern California with Cassy, their 4 dairy goats, 12 chickens and their dog, Addy. He is very proud to have been given the opportunity to help Keep the Fat Flowing!