Grass-Fed Beef Tallow Face Cream - Hydrate & Renew

Toss those expensive eye creams in the trash! FATCO’s Tallow Face Cream is Paleo certified, rich in nutrients, and made from tallow from grass-fed cows.


What are the benefits of using grass fed beef tallow face cream?

Grass fed beef tallow face cream is gaining popularity for a good reason. Not only does it contain exceptionally high concentrations of essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins, but it also provides long-lasting hydration and superior skin barrier protection. Additionally, because tallow and animal fats are typically rich in antioxidants, they can help protect the skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals. Grass fed beef tallow face cream therefore provides powerful protection against premature aging while nourishing, moisturizing, and regenerating skin cells at the same time. Ultimately, those who have tried this amazing face cream have expressed great satisfaction with its results— radiantly softer and healthier looking skin.

What is the difference between a face cream and face lotion?

Choosing the right product for moisturizing your skin can seem daunting, but understanding the differences between face creams and face lotions can simplify the process. Tallow face creams are typically thicker and creamier in consistency than face lotions, which are usually thinner and more watery. They work by holding moisture in your skin as they lock-in hydration, reducing dryness and providing a protective barrier against environmental damage.

How do tallow face creams help anti aging?

Face creams are popular products for fighting signs of aging. In fact, it's one of the surefire solutions for making skin look young and healthy. Face creams work on the skin's surface to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and curb damage from environmental aggressors like sun exposure, dirt, cold temperatures and harsh winds. Some face creams contain antioxidants that can help boost radiant appearances by reducing discoloration on the skin. Additionally, certain formulas also work to balance the production of oil and sebum on the skin so pores stay clean and clear. All these wonderful actions combined help slow down the aging process in all-natural ways!

Which vitamins does a tallow face cream typically contain?

Tallow face cream is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking for a natural way to nurture and care for their skin. It's made from rendered animal fat, which is high in vitamin A, D, E, and K. Vitamin A is crucial for healing the skin and rejuvenating its texture, while vitamin D assists with reducing inflammation. Vitamin E works as a powerful antioxidant to combat free radicals that aged the skin and cause wrinkles; lastly, vitamin K supports collagen production which strengthens the skin's natural structure. Tallow face cream is not only effective but filled with essential vitamins needed to keep your skin in its best shape.