What Exactly is Tallow?

When you buy a steak from your local butcher, there's actually a large portion of the cow that never even sees the butcher case! That's right...normally, a large majority of the animal gets thrown in the trash! This typically includes things like the bones, the hide and the fat.

Suet is the fat the encompasses the internal organs of a cow. Here's a photo that we pulled from Belcampo's website, which is actually one of the farms where our suet is sourced!

belcampo suet

This fat is hard and crumbly, and is such because it has a very important job to do! Since it protects the nutrient rich organs like the liver, kidney, and heart, it actually contains many of the same nutrients also found in those organs.

This fat is collected, and then cooked low and slow over a long period of time separating out the liquid fat from the hard fat. The end result is a beautiful, white and creamy substance, with little to no odor. THIS is the magical ingredient behind our brand, FATCO!

This substance is incredibly high in vitamins A, D, K & E along with their fat soluble activators. It’s also high and conjugated linoleic acids, also known as CLA’s, which are anti-inflammatory and help to speed healing. So, while plant-based fats and oils are great, we believe that animal based fats make a great addition to your daily skincare routine.

We source only the highest quality tallow, and all of our fat comes from small US based, family owned farms, like Belcampo. Many of the ranches that we work with are raising animals responsibly & ethically, and are actually regenerative their land in the process!

We believe wholeheartedly in the nose to tail philosophy. This means that if you’re going to kill an animal, you should use every single part of it, and not allow any of it to go to waste. Fat is a natural byproduct of the beef industry, and would normally get thrown in the garbage...but we know how great it is for your skin, so instead of ditching it, we’ve decided to make some pretty awesome skincare products with it, instead. It’s natural. It’s healthy and It’s sustainable.


You can find grass-fed Tallow in most of our Best Selling products found HERE.


Remember, your skin is your largest organ. Treat. It. Well!


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