Fall Weather Skin Care Essentials

NEWSFLASH:  The weather is changing, and so is your skin!

The wind is beginning to pick up, the leaves are starting to brown, and the warmer weather is fading away. Summer has reached its end and that can only mean one thing: Fall is here.

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. There’s unimaginable coloration in the foliage, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, and spooky fun is just around the corner. But, Fall is also home to a very unfortunate reality. The changing of the seasons causes a change in your skin. Yes, Fall is the beginning of the dry skin season.

At Fatco, we believe that a changing of the seasons and the weather is cause for changing your skincare routine. Your skin reacts differently to colder temperatures and increased wind, so preparing your skin for the change is a must. Don’t fret though, we’ve got you covered with some bits of advice and essential products to keep your skin healthy and nourished as the seasons change.

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Try The Oil Cleansing Method (AKA "The OCM")

You’ve definitely heard the term “oily skin” used before, but likely in a more negative context. Aren’t the oils on your face what cause acne and skin imperfections? It’s not entirely that simple. As is the case with everything, there’s a good and bad. There are good oils that supply nutrients and clean the skin, and then there are dirty oils that clog pores.

The oils found in our cleansing oil penetrates deep and helps to remove dirt, make up, and dirty oils. It should come as no surprise that cleansing your skin with oil is a great way to combat the harsh effects of the fall weather by providing much needed moisture, too! It really is a win-win!

fatco normal cleansing oil

Say goodbye to that dry-and-tight post-cleansing sensation! The nourishing, hydrating, and cleansing properties of our Cleansing Oil make it a perfect starter to your fall skincare routine. Squeeze some into your hands, massage it all over your face, and then press a warm damp washcloth onto your face for one minute to lock in all the nutrients and allow the oil to penetrate the pores. Finally, use the cloth to wipe away any excess oil and dirt.

Missed A Spot? We’ve Got a Toner For That

The best second option for remedying dry skin with an oil based routine is to stay away from harsh, alcohol filled astringents. Instead, try something simple like our refreshing Toner on your skin! With a raw apple cider vinegar base, our Toner will help to balance the pH of your skin, while being super gentle on your skin’s microbiome.

fatco toner

Simply apply to a cotton ball or pad and remove any excess spots of dirt, make up, and oil that were missed in the initial wash. It’s a quick way to cover your bases and ensure clean, healthy, and moisturized skin.

Give Some Extra Love With Myrrhaculous Face Oil

Once you’re finished with the cleaning aspect of your routine, give your skin some pampering when you touch up with our Myrrhaculous Face Oil. This proprietary blend of 17 different healing and nutrient-rich cold-processed oils will leave your skin feeling fresh & balanced!

myrrhaculous face oil

Apply to dry spots, wrinkles, laugh lines, or anywhere on the face that could use extra nourishment. Keep your skin looking as good as it feels this Fall when you apply a dab of Face Oil.

Finish Myrrhaculous-ly with our Face Cream.

Last but not least, let’s get creamy! Dairy jokes aside, it doesn’t get much better than applying moisturizing tallow as a routine closer.

Our all natural Myrrhaculous Face Cream will lock in the moisture and hydration from the previous steps, while also bringing its own nourishing, anti aging, and soothing qualities from the grass fed tallow.

myrrhaculous face cream

Fall is here and that means the weather is changing. Using these products and our oil cleansing routine, you will change your skincare routine to better match the changing of the seasons. 

We wish you the fattest Fall season yet!




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