Bringing Order Fulfillment Home!

Hey FATCO fans! 

The last 6 months have been very interesting for us over here at FATCO. We have made a lot of changes and thanks to your feedback we are excited to announce a big update!

Around August of last year, we began using an outside warehouse to fulfill our online orders. We looked at this as a way to streamline our business, and allow our small team of 2 people to operate more efficiently.

Well, after giving it the old-college-try with this outside warehouse, we have decided to bring our fulfillment back-in house! This means that every order you place on after March 12th will be packed and picked by us, Team FATCO! Thank you to those of you who sent us your customer feedback on packaging and shipping, as this decision was largely fueled by you. After all, you are our top priority!

But, we still had the same problem as before...we are only two people, and there are only so many hours in a day! So, we have decided to hire an Operations & Logistics manager to take on the job. You might recognize Tim from some of our team photos the past couple months! might also recognize him as Cassy’s fiance! Tim has been so incredibly supportive of FATCO since the day he met Cassy and we are so excited to officially have him on board!

How does this impact YOU, our customers? (Hint: It’s a win-win for you!)

- We will still be shipping orders out Mon-Fri.

- We will be able to adjust your orders even closer to shipping time, if you forgot to add one of your FATCO faves!

- We get to personally pack your orders with lots of love!

The bottom line is this: whenever you place an order on, we want your experience to be amazing!

- We want your package to ship quickly.

- We want your shipment to be packed efficiently and safely (I don't know about you, but I cannot stand receiving a tiny item in a huge box, a-la amazon!)

- We want your products to arrive safely and intact.

While we might be on the store shelves at Target, we want to hold onto the small business/family feel of FATCO. We know that bringing fulfillment back in-house will allow us to provide you with the best experience possible! We truly love each and every one of our customers and will always get excited about each and every order that comes through.

We are so excited for this change to bring things back in house! We are really looking forward to being able to run some fun giveaways and occasionally include surprise goodies in your package! Thanks so much for sticking with us these past 3 (almost 4) years! We wouldn’t be here without you!


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