A Big Fat Tribute to Our Moms

At FATCO, family is very important.  In honor of Mother’s Day, we sat down with our founder, Cassy to learn more about her momma.  


Tell us a little bit about your mom. 

Ohhhh Phyllis Anne Burnside…where do I begin!?!? My mom raised me and my brother on her own, which I know was no small task. Being a single mom is tough enough, and to top it off my brother and I were a handful!  Despite the challenges and financial limitations, my mom always supported me and instilled that anything is possible through hard work and persistence.

How does your mom inspire you? 
My mother proved that you can take control of your health at anytime, no matter how old you are. I gave her the book “It Starts With Food” four years ago as a Christmas present.  Ever since, she has made her health a priority. She now has a huge garden and eats much of her own home-grown produce. I’m still trying to convince her to get a few egg-laying chickens.  Although it has been a tough sell, I’m not giving up. 😉She is proof that no matter what your past looks like, you can ALWAYS make changes to live a more healthy lifestyle!

How has your mom been involved in FATCO? 
When I decided to start the business in 2014, it felt like everyone around me thought it was a bad idea. People told me that the name was bad (“No one is going to buy skincare products called FATFACE!”) and that I should just stick to the security of my engineering job. But my mom was supportive from the get-go. She trusted that I wasn’t going into this thing blind because she has always taught me to be resourceful and to make smart decisions. She even flew all the way out to Reno from Massachusetts last year to help me move FATCO into our new facility!

Two years later, Phyllis (AKA Mom) has proven to be FATCO’s number one fan, in real life as well as on the worldwide web!  If you attended the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore last year, you probably met her because she will take any and every opportunity she can to help me. She is so proud of me and what I have created in FATCO. And I’m sure she doesn’t hate all the Myrrhaculous Face Cream and Body Butta that I send her way. I’m pretty sure she’s got the best skin on the block!

What do you want to say on this important Mother’s Day? 
Thank you, Phyllis, for always believing in me and supporting me in all of my pursuits.

The entire FATCO team wants to thank all the special moms out there. In the words of Aziz Ansari, “Treat Yo Self” today!  And if you need some inspiration, check out our newly branded skincare products.



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