It's not just a caveman diet. That's definitely part of it, but Paleo is so much more than that! It's based on the idea that modern humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies. In FATCO's case, "food" is the foundation for our brand, even though you're not consuming it digestively.

We believe Paleo is more than just a passing diet craze; it's a movement that is becoming a long-term lifestyle. To us, it's extremely important to align our business and our products with such a healthy, and environmentally positive force.

That's why we've worked to earn certification from the Paleo Foundation, an organization that's sole mission is to forward the Paleo Movement.

FATCO is Paleo-Certified because we share a mission with an important movement.


It might not be a common modern practice to rub beef fat all over your face, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for you.

Hand-in-hand with FATCO’s Paleo philosophy is our belief in looking to the past for fundamentals of healthy living. To us, going back to using early beauty remedies like pressed plant oils and animal fats feels natural. Pun intended.

Our tallow is derived from the kidney fat (or, suet) of grass-fed, pasture raised cows. For centuries, humans used tallow in skin moisturizers and healing balms, but unfortunately, the topical application of these fats seemed to stop around the same time that animal fats stopped being considered part of a healthy diet. But we missed fat so much that we're helping it make a comeback!

Tallow from grass-fed cows has a ton of natural, nourishing benefits. It contains heavy concentrations of vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are all vital for skin health!

Vitamin A: Protects against UV damage and slows the signs of aging. It also encourages healthy skin cell production, increasing cell turnover. It boosts collagen and minimizes fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin D: Calms inflammation, protects the skin, and improves cell turnover. Can help soothe skin conditions like dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

Vitamin K: Strengthens the skin's natural barrier function, enabling it to grow stronger and to retain hydration for longer. Beneficial for conditions like eczema & psoriasis, as it inhibits the inflammation typical of these skin conditions.

Vitamin E: Promotes cell turnover and regeneration, so it brings new cells to the surface faster.


As you can see, tallow is packed with good-for-you ingredients — making it the foundation for many FATCO products. It's our flagship ingredient and the reason we truly believe that fat is your friend.


Cows are great. Everyone loves cows. They’re like big-eyed, mooing dairy angels. FATCO loves cows so much that we use the most respectful practices when sourcing our tallow.

We go the extra miles to ensure a reverent use of our beloved cows — beginning with our Nose-To-Tail Philosophy. As you can probably guess, Nose-To-Tail is the practice of using every part of the animal, down to the bones and the fat. It’s a necessary duty for companies who really want to honor the animals they’re using to make a product. To us, it’s essential to our business.

FATCO also supports organizations like The Savory Institute, an organization whose mission is "the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management to address the global issues of desertification, climate change, and food and water insecurity."

Organizations like this are helping to change the way we look at our food system, including the treatment of livestock.

FATCO’s philosophies help us deliver a consistent product that’s made with smart and ethical practices.


We’ve got some bad news to break to you right now. You might be destroying your face forever. Calm down. We’re only slightly kidding.

See, all those facial cleaners you’ve been using your whole life? Many of them can be incredibly harmful to your skin. You’re probably wondering if so many traditional cleansers contain harmful ingredients (like chemicals, preservatives and alcohol), then why do so many skincare companies include them in their products? Often these ingredients are used to keep formula stable, allow it to sit on a store shelf for a long time or make it feel nearly weightless. That might be good for the product, but it's awful for your skin. By scrubbing your face in an effort to "get it clean,” you may be causing more damage than you realize — stripping your skin of healthy oils. These oils are essential to skin health and should be balanced, not eradicated. And that’s where we come in.

FATCO uses the science of oil dissolving oil to craft skincare products that do right by your skin. Using oil to clean an oily face might sound counterintuitive, right? If you're not too familiar with the science of oil cleansing, the whole concept feels a little strange. But FATCO specializes in this kind of thing — the science of natural products for healthier skin. Our cleansing oils are formulated to balance your skin, using all natural nourishing oils and essential oils. You’ll wash away all of the icky, dirty oil on your face and replace it with clean, healthy oil.

It may take a few months for oil cleansing to truly balance itself out. Depending on your type of skin (normal, dry, oily) you’ll need a special formula, but we’ve got you covered from every angle.