Why Tallow Can Be Tricky

Many of you already know why tallow is a flagship ingredient in many of our skincare products. For centuries, long before man-made chemicals and synthetic ingredients, humans used tallow in healing balms and skin moisturizers. Today, we’ve found that tallow from happy, grass-fed cows has a ton of natural, nourishing benefits for our skin.  That’s why we decided to make fat our friend and tallow the foundation to our products when we first launched two years ago.

Using Tallow? But It’s Never Been Done

While we knew why we wanted to use tallow, figuring out how wasn’t easy. (You actually want to people to rub beef fat all over their bodies?!?) We knew some people would think it was weird.

More importantly, we knew we would be working with an ingredient not many people in the industry knew a lot about, let alone understand humane and efficient ways of harvesting it and manufacturing products with it. After deciding tallow would be our flagship ingredient, it took us an entire year before we were able to find viable and humane suppliers who could provide us with enough grass-fed tallow to support this crazy business idea we had.

We were pioneers in this sense. And as with anything new, there were sure to be growing pains. We’ve learned that harvesting tallow can be tricky. Every batch is the slightest bit different, since every grass-fed cow is like a snowflake. It’s not like using chemicals and synthetic ingredients, where every batch can be exactly the same. With tallow, sometimes things turn out differently. And if it doesn’t meet our stringent quality requirements, we’re forced to start all over from scratch.

Committed to Quality, No Matter How Difficult

This week, we are experiencing the challenges of using tallow first hand. We learned that our manufacturer has been receiving inconsistent batches of tallow from one of our suppliers. This resulted in batches of our Myrrhaculous Face Cream that had a soupy, slushy texture being produced and shipped to our warehouse. While it’s perfectly safe to put on your skin, it simply doesn’t meet our standard of quality. Here were the specific products that were affected:

  • Myrrhaculous Face Cream, 1oz
  • Myrrhaculous Face Cream, 2oz
  • unMyrrhaculous Face Cream, 1oz
  • unMyrrhaculous Face Cream, 2oz

If you received a poor-quality jar of our Myrrhaculous Face Cream, please contact us at support@fatco.com and we will gladly provide you with a refund. In the meantime, we have removed all remaining defective product from the website and warehouse. Our manufacturer has already begun production on replacement product, and new batches of Myrrhaculous Face Cream will likely be available again for purchase around May 20th.

This was a tough business decision for us to make. We hate to put product on back order, let alone ship product to customers that didn’t meet our standards. But in the end it was the right decision to make, because our main goal is to provide you, our customer, with the absolute highest quality products. That is what matters the most to us.

Beyonce Says: Make Lemonade

Rather than treat this mishap like a catastrophe, I consider this an opportunity. This exercise in quality and commitment has inspired me to re-evaluate the requirements we have of our suppliers and manufacturers. In a few weeks, I’ll kick off a tour to all of the facilities where our tallow harvested and manufactured, seeing the rendering process first hand. I’ll be sitting down with the quality and inspection teams at every step of the way to make sure that my standards are in line with their standards. So stay tuned and follow this blog, as I’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes insights regarding how these products are made and delivered to you, from start to finish.

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