How I Got Rid Of My Chicken Skin

For as long as I can remember, I always had these little rough bumps all over the back of my arms. No matter which loofah scrubber I bought or how much “lotion” I used, these things would Never go away! When I was a teenager, I was especially self conscious about it, so my mom took me to a dermatologist. He prescribed me this lactic acid lotions (Lac-Hydrin) which worked for a while. But as soon as I would stop applying it, they would come back. I eventually gave up, and just figured it was something I would have to live with.

I have come to find out that this is a condition called Keratosis Pilaris (AKA Chicken Skin). Standard medical websites cite the current “treatment and management” for this condition as things like lactic acid lotions, steroid creams, topical retinoids, and even laser hair removal. But, in classic “medical” fashion, they never cite the underlying cause and how to “fix” it.. None of the medical sites that I found made any mention of diet/lifestyle modifications or natural supplements! This makes me So Mad!


1) Heal Your Digestion
– Eat more fermented foods (like sauerkraut & kimchi).
– Drink your Kombucha.
– Take an Oral Probiotic
– Drink Bone Broth

2) Try to get More Vitamin A, D and K2 in your Life
– I take Fermented Cod Liver oil every day. This stuff is my favorite! I started taking it about 6 months ago, and about 1 month later, I could see a drastic improvement in the bumps on the back of my arms!
– Eat Foods that are High in these nutrients.
* According to Liz Wolfe, “It’s a myth that we can get all our vitamin A from plants; in fact, plants contain a vitamin A PRE-CURSOR called beta-carotene. In perfect circumstances, free of stress, pressure, or nutrient deficiency, the body will convert SOME beta-carotene to vitamin A. The only sources of pre-formed vitamin A are animal products.” If you want to learn more about this, I would recommend that you read Liz’s book “Eat the Yolks” which can be found here.
– Try to integrate more liver (from healthy animals), pastured egg yolks, raw full-fat milk, and Cod Liver Oil into your diet.
– Get Outside and get some SUNSHINE! But don’t forget that Sunscreen!
– And don’t forget that Vitamins A, D and K all work together! so make sure that you’re getting all of these nutrients in similar amounts!

3) Find and Use a Body Lotion that Contains (grass fed) Tallow!
– Since grass-fed tallow is rich in Vitamin’s A, D & K, and our skin absorbs most of what we put onto it, then applying a tallow based lotion would give your skin all the vital nutrients your body needs to heal that “chicken skin”! It sure helped mine!
– So head on over to our website and grab some of our Body Butta! Both the Calming & Invigorating formulas contain tallow from grass fed, pastured cows! So grab some today, and say GOODBYE to that red, bumpy skin!
I Hope you all have a GREAT Weekend!

Get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Until next time!

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  • Hello I just read your article. My 10 year old son has kp all over his cheeks and arms. What cod liver oil do you recommend? Thank you so much!


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