🌎 Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Happy Earth Day! We are celebrating in the best way we know possible, by getting together our friends and giving stuff away! We are firm believers in working with farmers and ranchers who are doing things the right way. We want to know that they are treating the earth well so that it will be there to help fuel future generations. Practicing Nose-to-Tail is also a must for the farmers that we work with to supply our Tallow.

What is Nose to Tail?

The Nose-To-Tail philosophy encompasses the idea of using the whole animal once it’s been killed. We believe that if you’re going to take an animal’s life, then you should use every single part of it and not allow any of it to go to waste. This includes (but is not limited to) using the bones to make broth, using the hide to make leather, eating the meat and even using the fat! Thinking about the sustainability aspect of the nose to tail philosophy inspired us to host this Nose-To-Tail giveaway in honor of Earth Day! Below you will find a little more about each company participating and what they are doing to support both the animals and the planet!

The New Primal:

The only thing that we love more than snacks is Meat Snacks! The New Primal does meat snacks right, and they use only grass-fed, grass finished beef in all of their meat based products. They are very picky about the way they source all of their beef, working exclusively with ranchers who are respecting the environment. “At The New Primal, we care about the environment and your well-being just as much as you do. That’s why we’ve pioneered a new approach to an old favorite. Our full product line is made from sustainably sourced ingredients and proteins, naturally raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.”  

The New Primal refuses to use cattle that have been raised on a feedlot and fed grains. They work with animals that are “free to roam and graze, as nature intended, for the entirety of their lives. Grass-fed animals that are not grass-finished are moved to feedlots and fed corn and soy to be grain finished for the final month of their lives. We ensure our animals are as natural, healthy, and sustainable for the further growth of the environment as possible.”

I personally never lets my TNP meat stick supply get below 20 so I am never hunting for healthy snacks!

Bare Bones Broth:

So what happens to the bones from all this meat? Our friends over at Bare Bones Broth turn it into Bone Broth!  “Our bones are sourced from a variety of ranches, some of which we visit regularly. We only source from Global Animal Partnership (GAP) rated ranches, to ensure we're only supporting ranches who raise their animals humanely, on grass, free of confinement, as nature intended.”

Bone Broth is fantastic for gut health which as you know by now is the key to healthy skin! It is also a fantastic boost when you are feeling a bit under the weather. Tim, our Operations & Logistics Manager, swears by Bare Bones Broth when he feels a cold coming on!

Five Mary’s Farms:

Five Mary’s Farms was started by Mary & Brian when they wanted to raise “free-range” kids. They take the time to ensure that every animal is raised properly. It truly is a family affair with this family of 6 working hard to run this ranch! They believe “in selling only the finest meat and the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for. There are no shortcuts.”

They are passionate about being transparent so that you can truly know where you food came from in the spirit of authentic farm to table dining. It makes us so proud to see their 4 daughters growing up in this environment and being able to influence future generations.

White Oak Pastures:

Our Founder Cassy & I visited White Oak Pastures during a trip with the Weston A. Price Foundation show in 2016 and let’s just say their operation is super impressive! Will Harris took us around the farm where we were able to see all of the regenerative farming practices they use to ensure the land stays healthy long term. “Sustainability isn't enough; it has to be regenerative. Raising animals this way is not the cheapest method. Our way is, however, the right way for the sake of our animals, our environment, and for the people who eat our products. Stewardship of our farm is not a passing fancy; it is a lifestyle decision and a core value of our family. We continuously strive to improve our land stewardship.”

They practice nose-to-tail everyday by making everything from bone broth to tallow candles to leather goods. Cassy took home a dried trachea that her dog enjoyed very much! We just wished we had more room in our luggage to bring home more goodies from Bluffton, Georgia!


At FATCO, we practice nose-to-tail every day by using tallow, a byproduct of the beef industry that normally gets thrown in the garbage, to make amazing skincare products! The tallow that we use comes from 25 U.S. based family owned farms. These farmers raise cattle that are grass-fed & pasture-raised, allowing the cows to live a healthy and happy life. They are also dedicated to utilizing every part of the animal.

There is one thing we can all do to celebrate Earth Day and that is to make sure we are supporting companies who are doing things the right way and treating both the animals and our earth with the respect they both deserve. Happy Earth Day Everyone!


Giveaway rules: Giveaway ends at 11:59PM PST on Wednesday April 25, 2018.

You can earn one entry by following the rules on our April 22nd Instagram Post (https://www.instagram.com/fatco

And FIVE additional entries for every order placed at www.fatco.com from April 22-25th!

Giveaway Prizes:

1 FATCO Travel Kit & Fat Stick

1 Fat Works Cooking Fat of your choice

1 2-Pack of Fat Works Beef Tallow

1 White Oak Pastures Hand Crafted Leather Bound Journal

1 6-Pack of Bare Bones Broth

1 The New Primal Meat Stick Sampler Pack

1 $100 Gift Card to Five Marys Farms



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