FATCO is Leaping Bunny Approved


While we usually writing about cows, today we decided to switch it up and talk about bunnies… Leaping Bunnies, that is!

Earlier this month, FATCO officially became a Leaping Bunny certified, Cruelty-Free brand!

While many consumers associate the Leaping Bunny symbol with “vegan friendly”, this in fact is not the case. A cruelty-free certification is not always synonymous with a vegan friendly product…and we are a perfect example of this!

The main requirement for a cruelty free certification is that you, as well as your manufacturer and all of your suppliers for raw materials, do not perform any type of product testing on animals.

While we don’t test our products on animals, can we agree that some of them could probably use some body butta in their lives!? Rhino’s skin always looks sooooo dry! Ok ok, back to the point.

The CCIC (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetic) is the organization behind the Leaping Bunny certification. They are a global organization that was created to bring together several cruelty-free certifying agencies in order to create a global standard.

There are so many logos and buzzwords on packaging these days, it can be hard to know which ones to trust! We are thankful for organizations like Leaping Bunny that are working hard to create a global standard that is very easy for everyone to understand.

Beyond just being certified cruelty-free, we also make a point to ensure that our tallow is sourced responsibly. Our main supplier of tallow works with 25 US-based, family owned farms who are raising only grass-fed, pasture raised, happy cows!

In an attempt to add one more layer of checks-and-balances, we are also currently working with our tallow supplier for them to get GAP (Global Animal Partnership) approved! The GAP group is dedicated to improving farm animal welfare through their 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program. This program ensures that the animals from whom our tallow comes from are living happy and healthy lives, and are never mistreated.

Keep your eyes peeled, as the leaping bunny logo will start to appear on our products later this year!

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