Back To School Goodies For Parents & Kids


Oh where has the summer relaxation gone? Summer, per usual, came and went with a fleeting glimpse. No more sleeping in or relaxing by the pool. Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time to send college kids away, time to send little ones back to the classroom, and time for parents to be busy again. It’s good ol’ back to school time.

Back to school is a hectic and busy time for kids, but let’s not forget parents. You’ve got to balance shopping for new school supplies, new clothes, new haircuts, new everything. But while you’re stretched incredibly thin, you and your kids' skincare doesn’t need to suffer. 

It’s true, you may not have time for a full routine in the mornings, and your little ones may need your help when you’re not available to give it. That’s where Fatco comes in. We’ve got the perfect skincare to make life as easy as possible during this hectic time. So, let us take care of the skin essentials for your little ones, teenage ones, and for yourself. You’ve got enough on your plate.




For the Kids? Go With The Fat Stick

For the kids who need mobile skincare, our fat stick is a perfect addition. Dry skin, chapped lips, and ripped cuticles are all common issues that can plague our kids. When the kiddos go off to the classroom, these issues don’t simply go away. Keep them steady for whatever life throws with the Fat Stick.

Our Fat Stick comes in a super portable half-ounce tube, for easy on the go application. Simply roll on anywhere that needs the effects of nourishing, vitamin rich tallow. Whether it’s dry patches on the face or dry elbows and knees from all the playground fun, they’ll be given the perfect tool to deal with it while Mom and Dad are away. 

Teens? Stop Their Stank, Naturally!

Who are we kidding? Teenagers can smell! It’s not their fault, but that age lends itself to some serious stank. Whether it’s from gym class or just the forgetful boy who can’t remember to apply deodorant, keep their classmates protected with our Stop The Stank Natural Deodorant.

Our Stank Stop comes in a jar or stick for quick and easy use. Blended with antibacterial coconut oil, deodorizing baking soda, and moisturizing tallow, this deodorant covers all the skincare bases a teenager will need. It’s available in scents of grapefruit + ginger,  lavender + clary sage, rosemary + lemon, and scotch pine + coriander. Stock them up and keep that teenage stank under control!

Parents? Chill Out with our Calming Body Butta

It seems like worrying is a big part of sending the kids back to school. The stress of shopping and preparing can really pile up and start to get to you. We can eliminate the worrying, as well as ensure healthy and nourished skin with our Calming Body Butta.

Made from grass fed tallow that’s blended with plant based and essential oils, our Calming Body Butta is a wholesome and strong moisturizer. Simply take a quarter sized dollop, rub between your hands, and apply anywhere from head to toe for healthy, radiant skin. In addition to its benefits for skin health, the blend of tallow and essential oils will help you feel centered and calm on the inside. You can keep your skin glowing and nourished, while feeling relaxed and confident in taking on any challenge that presents itself during this stressful time.

Back to school is synonymous with a little bit of stress, and a whole lot of tasks to accomplish, but don’t leave yours and your kids' skin care behind. With our Fat Stick, they’ll be ready for any skin issue that comes up when you’re away. And for yourself, take a moment and breathe with the Calming Body Butta

Who Says Kids Get To Have All The Fun?

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We're hoping you have the fattest school year yet!


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