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We've got the perfect kit to help you control your stank ALL. DAY. LONG.

This kit contains:
1oz jar of our Women's Stank Stop Deodorant: Let’s be real: Armpits. Can. Stank. But instead of showing them anger, show them love! FATCO’s Stank Stop® Deodorant for Women combines the antibacterial properties of Organic Coconut Oil with the odor-neutralizing power of Aluminum-Free Baking Soda to create this all-natural, Paleo-certified deodorant. We've also thrown in some Grass-Fed Tallow and Shea Butter to moisturize those pits and show them the love they deserve!

2oz bottle of our Pit Spritz: Worn through your Stank Stop® and need something else to battle odor? Pitz Spritz Deodorizing Spray to the rescue! Carry this handy little bottle in your purse, gym bag, or fanny pack to battle underarm odor any time of day — a little spray goes a long way. 

Paleo Certified, Certified Cruelty Free, Made in the USA and Made with Organic Ingredients.

The active ingredient in our Pit Spritz Deodorizing Spray is Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. While most deodorizing sprays simply cover up your stank with fake "fragrances", we use Raw ACV to kill the bacteria that creates the odor.  For a few seconds after spritzing your pits, you will smell the raw apple cider vinegar as it fights to stop your stank! This is a good smell, embrace it! Once the Raw ACV has done it's job (and killed all of the bacteria...approx 2-3 minutes) the vinegar smell will fade as the Lavender & Clary Sage essential oils go to work to keep you smelling fresh for the rest of the day.
Every day we are learning more & more regarding the dangerous toxins used in personal care products, and how many of these toxins have been linked back to infertility, hormone disruption, alzheimer's and breast cancer. This is why we are SO INSANELY excited to be announcing our brand new partnership with Barbells for Boobs!

We are proud to partner with an organization like B4B which is affecting real change, and changing the breast cancer conversation. Barbells for Boobs serves the community as a proactive voice, a resource for early detection services and support post diagnosis with an emphasis on fitness and wellness for anyone affected.

They have provided solutions to over 20,000 individuals and counting, in the form of access to procedures, navigation, connections and support.

They're about ACTION
 They're about being PROACTIVE
and they're Raising the Bar! 
15% of all proceeds from the sales of this Pit Pack will be donated to Barbells4Boobs to help aid them in the amazing work that they're doing.
Earn 5 FAT Bucks for every dollar spent.


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Margo D.
United States United States

Pit Spritz and Stank Stop ... the unstoppable duo!

One of the only natural deodorants that works - the name says it all Stank Stop. If you ever do feel like you need a reset or more fighting power - let the Pit Spritz do the job to freshen you up. I have tried Stank Stop in the little tub, the squirt tube and in the new stick format and all get the job done better than any other natural deo that I have used. Thank you Fatco for letting me be healthy without the stank ... lol.

Angela G.
United States United States

Love it

I love this. And the spray is great for an extra if needed.

Amanda M.


I developed have a SEVERE reaction to deodorants in the last 2 years (read itchy, red, burning, horrid rash in my armpit and about 2” of the surrounding area) INCLUDING most natural ones (the horror!!!!). And I don’t glisten, or delicately perspire. I SWEAT and I stink. Let’s be honest. I usually wore no deodorant and would freak out (my anxiety also helps contribute to the excessive sweating) when I had to go somewhere social. Don’t get me started on the humid summers we have here in Ontario. You have NO IDEA how Stank Stop and the Pit Spritz literally changed my life. The first time I used the Pit Spritz I was blown away. I made my kids smell my armpits that night. No joke. Gross? Totally. But I didn’t stink!!!!! Like. Holy ****! I DIDN’T SMELL BAD AT ALL!! I bow down to you. Please send me a vat of stank stop and barrel of Pit Spritz STAT!! In all seriousness, thanks. Thank you. So much. xoxoxo

Melanie M.

Bring on the stank stop

It’s the only deodorant that I’ve used that actually stops the stank!

Stephanie Q.


The deodorant was okay at first, but it does not last very long and actually made my armpits smell worse for some weird reason. I think the small amount isn't enough for the price either. If you have a real problem with body odor I wouldn't suggest this product, but it might work well for individuals that sometimes have a slight body odor from sweating.