why grass fed tallow

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It might not be a common modern practice to rub beef fat all over your face, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for you.
Hand-in-hand with FATCO’s Paleo philosophy is our belief in looking to the past for fundamentals of healthy living. To us, going back to using early beauty remedies like pressed plant oils and animal fats feels natural. Pun intended.
Our tallow is derived from the kidney fat (or, suet) of grass-fed, pasture raised cows. For centuries, humans used tallow in skin moisturizers and healing balms, but unfortunately, the topical application of these fats seemed to stop around the same time that animal fats stopped being considered part of a healthy diet. But we missed fat so much that we're helping it make a comeback!

Tallow Deconstructed

Tallow from grass-fed cows has a ton of natural, nourishing benefits. It contains heavy concentrations of vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are all vital for skin health!
Vitamin AProtects against UV damage and slows the signs of aging. It also encourages healthy skin cell production, increasing cell turnover. It boosts collagen and minimizes fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation.
Vitamin D: Calms inflammation, protects the skin, and improves cell turnover. Can help soothe skin conditions like dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.
Vitamin KStrengthens the skin's natural barrier function, enabling it to grow stronger and to retain hydration for longer. Beneficial for conditions like eczema & psoriasis, as it inhibits the inflammation typical of these skin conditions.
Vitamin EPromotes cell turnover and regeneration, so it brings new cells to the surface faster.

Re. The Use of Tallow on Eczema and/or Psoriasis

While research on the medicinal properties of grass-fed tallow is minimal, studies show that components of tallow are effective in treating eczema, or atopic dermatitis. Tallow contains saturated fatty acids (palmitic acid, stearic acid, myristic acid), monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid and palmitoleic acid), and polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid and linolenic acid).
Stearic Acid: Based on a study published by the US National Library of Medicine, stearic acid successfully regulates “skin barrier function, membrane fluidity, cell signaling,” while “improving skin repair, and permeability” (77, Purnamawati). The Chemical Company (TCC), confirms that stearic acid comprises up to 30% of animal fat, but makes up less than 5% of vegetable fat.  
As animal-derived fat contains higher levels of stearic acid, this suggests that beef tallow may provide a significant advantage over fats derived from plants.
Oleic Acid: Based on a study published by the US National Library of Medicine, oleic acid “had the best potential to be used as a drug candidate in atopic dermatitis treatment” (6, Earlia).
CLA: Tallow contains a significant amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  According to a study proctored by NIH’s National Center for Biotechnology Information, topically-applied CLA reduced symptoms of atopic dermatitis-like lesions in mice. Reduction of symptoms was evidenced by increased skin hydration, decreased abnormally high pH levels, and inhibited scratching behavior after a 13 day topical application period of 5% CLA.  Trial participants who reported less dryness and itchiness may have found success due to CLA levels found in tallow.
CLA From Grass-Fed Cows: According to a study by USDA’s Agricultural Research Center, cows raised on permanent pasture had 500% more CLA compared to cows fed a combination of forage and grain.  As grass-fed tallow contains higher levels of CLA, this suggests that topically-applied grass-fed tallow may provide a significant advantage over other tallow-based products.
As you can see, tallow is packed with good-for-you ingredients — making it the foundation for many FATCO products. It's our flagship ingredient and the reason we truly believe that fat is your friend.

Review the full research study at Yama Farms, FATCO Research Study !

Here's what the participants had to say!

80% of participants ceased their use of prescription hydrocortisone or steroids after using FATCO products.

75% of participants reported relief from symptoms of eczema.