The Evolution of Stank Stop


Our Stank Stop Natural Deodorant has come a long way in the last 5 years! The Stank Stop Stick we launched just two weeks ago has truly been a product that was 5 years in the making! So kick back and relax as we take you on a little journey called: The Evolution of Stank Stop!


Stank Stop was invented in Cassy’s kitchen in 2014! After researching the topical benefits of grass-fed tallow and testing different combinations of ingredients, a star was born! The winning combination featured tallow, baking soda, non-nano zinc oxide, arrowroot powder among a few other natural ingredients. It was available in a cream that came in a jar and launched under the FatFace Skincare name. After sending out samples to friends and fellow Crossfit athletes, the feedback was in and Stank Stop was officially on the market!


In 2016, as many of you know, we rebranded to become FATCO Skincare. But thanks to countless 5-star reviews, we were confident that the Stank Stop formula should remain the same. So aside from a face-lift to the packaging, Stank Stop remained the same formula this year! We offered a “Women’s” formula which contained essential oils of Lavender & Clary Sage, as well as a “Men’s” version containing Scotch Pine, Cypress & Coriander essential oils. About this time, we were looking into an alternative application method that would allow our customers to not have to touch their pits to apply their Stank Stop. We began exploring different tubes and received countless samples from vendors trying to find the perfect one!




During the summer of 2017, we received samples of a tube design with a rounded top which would allow a user to squeeze the product out and apply it without having to use their fingers. After a few months of sourcing the raw materials and producing the end product, we were so excited to launch the tubes, and at our first major retailer ever, Target! But that enthusiasm quickly faded when we realized that the tube was more of a seasonal solution. We had tested the tubes in the summer and they worked like a dream, but once the temperatures dropped, they turned out to be quite a challenge! As some of you may have experienced first-hand, the coconut oil and tallow in the Stank Stop solidifies at lower temperatures, making it borderline impossible to squeeze the deodorant from the tube.  So back to the drawing board we went!

Providing a seasonal option was great but we were determined to find a solution that would work year round! This is where Cassy’s grit and determination really shined through. She spoke to multiple manufacturers about how to tweak the formulation so that it could be stable in both the summer and the winter months. The biggest challenge she faced was that she was completely unwilling to compromise on ingredients. She wanted to continue to use completely natural, food-grade ingredients, and was unwilling to waver on this. So, the relentless search continued through 2018.


This brings us to 2019 and we are so EXCITED to have just launched our Stank Stop Natural Deodorant in a Stick! 5 years and many hours of research have all come to fruition. In the end we were able to find the perfect formulation by adjusting the quantities of many of the original ingredients, while adding some sunflower seed wax to help firm it up and make it stable across all temperature ranges. And we were also able to add Magnesium Hydroxide into mix, to help aid in internal deodorizing properties. So it can stop the stank even better than before! One of our goals is to get as many people as possible using a natural deodorant. We firmly believe that by putting our best-selling Stank Stop Natural Deodorant into a stick form and allowing a more traditional application that we can help more people take the leap and keep toxic chemicals out of their bodies!

We also made another major change in the naming scheme of this product, thanks to your feedback. We have removed the gender classifications from our Stank Stop deodorant, because the reality is that aside from the essential oils, the formulations are the same! We realized that many women used the “Men’s” scent and many men preferred the “Women’s” scent. So we kicked those “men’s” and “women’s” callouts to the curb!

Now, if you still love the original cream version, don’t fret as it will not be going away anytime soon...we currently plan to keep it in the rotation, until demand is reduced drastically.  But, if you are a lover of the tube version, we would HIGHLY recommend grabbing a few now (did we mention that they’re currently on Sale!?), as this product will definitely be discontinued once we run out of inventory. Get the tube here before they sell out forever!

We are absolutely thrilled to see this product come to life and can’t wait to hear your feedback! Shop all of our deodorants here


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