Strengthen Your Immunity by Protecting your Microbiome!

Here at FATCO, we firmly believe that Healthy Skin Starts from Within!

Right now, your body is teeming with trillions of micro-organisms. These little guys function in a perfect balance, helping to regulate your body's systems on many different levels. They even build & strengthen your immune system! You can HELP these microorganisms to stay healthy and plentiful! 

3 ways to help heal your microbiome

1) Eat More Fermented Foods

- Kimchi

- Sauerkraut

- Miso

- Raw Kefir

- Kombucha


2) Reduce or Eliminate:

- Stress

- Sugar

- Antibiotics

- Smoking


3) and finally, Take a Daily Probiotic! A few of our favorites are:

- Megaspore (best to buy through a Nutritionist like ZestyGinger)

- Seed

- Pure Encapsulation Probiotic G.I.

- Thorne FloraMend Prime Probiotic

don't forget about your skin!

The recent COVID-19 situation has forced many of us to begin using topical hand sanitizers regularly.

While we believe that this is completely necessary in the current health climate, ongoing use can wreak havoc on your skin's microbiome.

We recommend using soaps and shampoos that don't strip the skin and kill ALL bacteria, but instead retain those "good bacteria". We especially love brands like Mother Dirt and Dr Bronners for this!

Here at FATCO, we strive to offer natural personal care products that will NEVER harm your skin! This is why all of our products support a healthy pH balance, and why we use only clean ingredients that are never harmful to your microbiome!

Here are a few of our products and how each helps to support your microbiome:

Cleansing Oil- Our Cleansing Oil helps to support a healthy pH balance on the skin. It allows your skin to re-balance it's own oil production and creates a healthy lipid barrier. The naturally occurring oils on your skin are important for the bacteria that live there to survive & thrive!

Toner- Using a base of raw apple cider vinegar, this product also helps to balance the pH of your skin, while removing dirt and grime. Raw apple cider vinegar also contains prebiotics, which means that it provides nourishment for the good bacteria that live on your skin!

Body Butta: Unlike many conventional body creams, our Body Butta contains zero alcohol. While alcohol is often used as a preservative, it also can dry out your skin, and kill the essential bacteria that live on your skin! Our Body Butta contains only pure + unadulterated oils and fats, so it moisturizes your skin while avoiding the drying nature that can result from other alcohol-containing moisturizers. Plus, it's fantastic for helping to moisturize your skin after all those repeated hand washings!

Fat Stick- Did you know that your mouth also contains trillions of microorganisms, too! That's right, this complicated team of bacteria is more commonly referred to as the Oral Microbiome. Using lip balms that contain nasty ingredients can be very detrimental to the health of the organisms. Our Fat Stick contains only natural, good-for-you ingredients that will never harm your oral microbiome!

Stank Stop Deodorant- Conventional deodorants can have a hugely negative impact on your underarm bacteria. The key to finding a natural deodorant is finding one that kills the bad bacteria, but allows the good bacteria to flourish! and our Stank Stop does BOTH! 



Take Care of yourself and those that you Love! Stay Safe out there!



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