Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Smell Yo' Pits!

October is coming to a close and we love seeing everyone reppin’ pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness! Wearing pink is a great way to bring up the conversation around Breast Cancer and what we can do to help lower our risk. We hope that you take things one step further than wearing pink this year and start working on adjusting your lifestyle to focus on prevention. There are several things we can do to reduce our risk for breast cancer including reducing all toxins our lives on many different levels.

It can be overwhelming to try and detoxify your entire life in one fell swoop, so this month we recommend focusing on your personal care products, which are often full of dangerous chemicals and toxins. This includes throwing away your deodorant and antiperspirants and making the switch to a natural deodorant!

Why should you switch to a natural deodorant and throw away your antiperspirant while you are at it? Deodorant is applied to your armpits, which are extremely close to your lymph nodes. By putting toxic chemicals this close to your lymph nodes, you risk introducing them to your bloodstream. And as far as antiperspirants go...EMBRACE your sweat! Sweat is your bodies way of regulating temperature and flushing out toxins.

The search for a natural deodorant can be exhausting and often leads to frustration. Let us help you out and save you some time. Get yourself a Barbells for Boobs Pit Pack!

The Barbells for Boobs Pit Pack includes our 1oz. Stank Stop deodorant and our 2oz. Pit Spritz. 15% of all proceeds from the sales of this Pit Pack will be donated to Barbells4Boobs to help aid them in the amazing work that they're doing around aiding in early detection of breast cancer.

We are So Proud to partner with an organization like B4B which is affecting real change, and changing the breast cancer conversation. Barbells for Boobs serves the community as a proactive voice, a resource for early detection services and support post diagnosis with an emphasis on fitness and wellness for anyone affected.

They have provided solutions to over 20,000 individuals and counting, in the form of access to procedures, navigation, connections and support.

They're about ACTION

They're about being PROACTIVE

and they're Raising the Bar!

It’s one thing to listen to us preach about the power of the Barbells for Boobs Pit Pack, but here are some real life customer reviews we have received to help you take the leap today!

Women’s Pit Pack Review: I know this review is a long one but she hit on so many great points that we had to share it with you!  

After switching all of my self-care and beauty products to products that are free from harmful and toxic chemicals, I began trying more natural deodorants to find one that didn't have the harmful ingredients, but actually worked. I tried more than I'd prefer to admit and the ones I did try never really seemed effective. Most also constantly irrita

ted my skin...and still didn't work. Nobody wants a constant armpit rash- it's so embarrassing!

I tried one more- this one. I'll admit, I was hesitant again, but I'd used other products by Fatco and like the effectiveness, the philosophy and the general attitude of the company. So I bought stop stank. I let it sit for almost a week before I tried it because I didn't want another rash and didn't want to stink on top of that!

I LOVE this deodorant and I cannot recommend it enough. Non harmful ingredients- check! Effectiveness (stank stopped) - check! Rash...rash? Nope not present- no irritation whatsoever (even after shaving!). And in fact, my pits feel more moisturizer all together without the moisture component- so I guess they are just "rized"? This stuff is amazing and I feel good about not putting bad stuff into sensitive areas, and even better doing that without stinking in the process! Buying several to stash- one in the purse, one in the workout bag, one in the I always have it with me. Good stuff!.” T. , FATCO Customer

Men’s Pit Pack Review:

“I have searched high and low for natural, safe deodorant for my husband, and thought I would never find something that legitimately combated the stink. We've tried stuff from the grocery, homemade, you name it, nothing worked and everybody could tell, or.. smell. THIS STUFF WORKS. I was so surprised that we found something that actually works, I've told so many people. The crazy part is that the instructions say just a pea size does the trick, and that is true. We will continue ordering from FATCO, looking forward to trying other products.” - Sadler, FATCO Customer


In conclusion, we will leave you with this once piece of sage advice...Check Yo’ Tits & Smell Yo’ Pits! Your body will thank you!



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