7 Ways to Use the Fat Stick!

Hey FATCO Fam! I’m so PUMPED on the release of our 3 new Fat Stick Flavors: Lemon & Honey, Orange & Vanilla and my personal favorite Coffee & Vanilla! There is a heated debate amongst our social media following about which new flavor is the best, but one thing is for sure...the Fat Stick is THE BEST THING EVER! If you can’t decide which flavor to try, check out the Fat Stick Variety Pack which comes with all 4 flavors and you save $5. You’re Welcome!

Our Fat Stick is so much more than just a lip moisturizer, so I wanted to take some time to share some of the potential uses for the Fat Stick with you.  It was hard to pick just 7 ways to use the Fat Stick because the possibilities are endless so we left that task up to our FATCO Fam!

7 Reviews. 7 Real FATCO Customers. 7 Ways To Use The Fat Stick.

“I live in New England, as well as have a tendency towards dry peeling lips. I've tried so many different chapsticks and lip balms, but this is the first one to soothe and moisturize my lips without making another layer of skin slough off. It actually feels like it's absorbing into my skin over time, in a positive way, and actually heading instead of just allaying symptoms And it smells divine! I'm going to get a billion more of these!”


“My 11-year old son has eczema and the only thing that I can get him to stick to using is a Fat Stick that I throw in his coat pocket or book bag to use throughout the day. I also have him use the Calming Body Butta after showering and before bed and it has helped his skin so much! All Natural ingredients and scents and an overall fantastic experience (timely and customer friendly) with every order I place - thank you, Fatco!! :)” - Tarah E.

“I've used this product on my lips and hands. My favorite use is on my cuticles - they get dry and cracked in winter. The formula is nice and thick, so I can coat my cuticles, let it sit and melt with body heat, then rub it in. It's also really nice for dry patches on my hands. I can apply it exactly where it's needed. Love the scent!” - Meredith

“I love this as chapstick, but also for dry elbows or patches on my face. It's great smelling and sticks around for a while.” - Cherie

“I use it mostly on my lips but honestly it’s also perfect for my cheeks in the dry Wisconsin winter!” - Lauren

“This product works and smells great! My hands get very dry at work and I love being able to carry this around in my jacket pocket. Small bottles of lotions are too bulky and don't work as well on my dry knuckles as this FAT STICK does.” - Lisa G.

“5 kids + my husband and I = sensitive skin issues, rashes, eczema, sunburns, dry and cracked lips, dry skin; you name it, we've experienced it. Enter, the Fat Stick. I bought it on a whim and now we use it for EVERYTHING! When any of the kids come to me with any kind of skin issue, I direct them to grab the Fat Stick. When the dr prescribed expensive cream with iffy ingredients for a skin issue my youngest daughter had on her hands? I put the Fat stick on it for 2 days and it was gone. I could go on and on. But don't hesitate. You need this in your car, your purse, your kids backpacks, your husband's lunch box, downstairs and upstairs, anywhere and everywhere!” - Denae

Like I said before, the possibilities are endless! Some other uses we love are bug bites, scratches and feet (although you might not want to use the same one on your lips and feet 🤣). Do you have another favorite way to use the Fat Stick? Be sure to go here, pick your favorite flavor and leave a review! And don’t forget you can save $5 on the Fat Stick Variety Pack and try all of the new flavors!



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