Brands We Love: Araza Beauty

About a month after I joined the FATCO squad, Cassy made me throw all of my makeup away. Yes, you read that correctly…ALL OF IT!

Hey FATCO Nation! My name is Julia and I am the newest FATCO team member! I joined the team in June 2016 as FATCO’s Marketing Maven. I’m the face behind all of our social media posts, newsletters and pretty much all things digital.

My story is similar to a lot of people that I have met since joining the FATCO family. I discovered the paleo lifestyle a few years ago and while I learned a ton about food, it wasn’t until last year when I started to re-evaluate the beauty and personal care products that I use.

Throughout the next year, we will be sharing several Brands We Love to help guide you through the journey to cleaning up your health and beauty routine. The first Brands We Love feature kicks off with this one day that Cassy made me throw all of my makeup away and introduced me to Araza Beauty.

I am excited to kick off our Brands We Love blog series with Araza Beauty! Here is where my journey to all natural makeup began.

We were attending the Natural Products Expo East when all of the sudden, my forehead started itching and broke out in a red rash. After talking to Cassy, we figured out that it was my makeup causing the rash. I don’t wear face makeup very often and after admitting to Cassy that my makeup was not only 2 years old but it was a brand that rated very poorly on the EWG think dirty app, she convinced me to throw it away.

When we got back to the office in Lake Tahoe, I began the hunt for an all natural makeup line that feels light on my skin and has a very natural look. Cassy told me to try Araza Beauty and I haven’t looked back!

I LOVE the light feel and how quickly I forget that I have makeup on! The Natural Mineral Powder Foundation provides great coverage without suffocating my skin. I love how my face feels like it can breathe when I wear this, even with the Natural Sunshine Contouring Bronzer on top.

I have a couple different colors of the eye shadow and I can’t believe that I used to use some really dangerous eyeshadow brands. I mean, I am literally putting it on my EYE, I feel so much safer using my Araza eye shadow knowing that it is all-natural. The colors really pop with these and my favorite part is that it still looks good even after a full day of work!

And lastly, the coconut lip gloss. This stuff is DREAMY! Between this and my FATCO Fat Stick, my lips are sooooo soft! The coconut oil moisturizes my lips while giving them a pop of color. I don’t have to worry about putting nasty chemicals on my lips and accidentally ingesting them.

One of my favorite things is that for every ingredient used in their products, Araza lists the purpose on their website. So not only am I able to understand what every ingredient is, I know why it is being used and how my skin benefits from it!

While I am a big fan of embracing your natural beauty, I also know that a little makeup can help sometimes! Whether you already use all-natural makeup or you want to clean up your routine, check out Araza Beauty today!

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