Brands We Love: OMghee

Who else is happy that all of this “Fat Free” crap is fading?!? Whether it comes to your food or your skincare…FAT IS YOUR FRIEND! So now we can go eat all the fats right? Wrong. All fats were not created equal. In this next blog in our Brands We Love series, we will explore ghee, aka clarified butter! If you follow us on the regular, then you probably already know that one of our favorite ghee’s on the market is OMghee!

For those of you who have never heard of ghee before, here is a little tidbit from OMghee’s website: “Ghee is the purified essence of butter and is LOADED with omega 3 and omega 9 essential fatty acids, a great source of Vitamin A, D, E, and K, and it is also ideal for fighting against the destructive effects of free radicals!”

Ghee contains CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) which really packs a punch when it comes to our health. Among other things, it is know to build up your immune system by supporting gut health and also decreasing inflammation. A healthy gut keeps internal inflammation down, and reducing internal inflammation is a key to healthy skin!

Ghee is loaded with vitamins A, D, E & K …just like our Tallow-based products! So this means that you can get the double whammy by cooking with OMghee and using FATCO on your skin. WIth this powerful combination, you can fuel your skin from both the inside and the outside!

Just like fats, all ghee is not created equal. While there are a few different brands out there doing it right, we recommend OMghee for all of your cooking needs! OMghee is made of 100% organic essential fats, free of additives, preservatives, chemicals, and flavor enhancers. It’s just 100% pure, wholesome food. OMghee is made in small batches using certified organic and kosher artisan slow churned American butter.

Our favorite way to use OMghee is to add it to our Bulletproof coffee in the morning! This helps your body absorb the caffeine and it also kick starts your day with a boost of healthy fats!

I know what you are thinking right now…where can I get this fatty gold?!? We have you covered. Grab your OMghee right here!

Until next time!

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