Brands We Love: Barbells For Boobs

We could not be more excited for this month’s “Brands We Love” feature! We are PUMPED to announce our partnership with Barbells for Boobs and to introduce the Barbells for Boobs FATCO Pit Pack!

Before we get to the fun stuff, let’s take a minute to talk about two things that people don’t talk about enough…Breast Cancer and Armpits.

Let’s start with some armpit talk. Your skin is our largest organ, and everything that you put onto your skin (including your armpits) is absorbed into your body. Unfortunately, many people are still using deodorants and antiperspirants which are filled with toxic chemicals Every Single Day! And these chemicals are eventually absorbed into your bloodstream. Some of these toxins have been linked to Alzheimer’s, heavy metal toxicity and the development of breast cancer. NOT COOL!

We are beyond excited for this partnership with Barbells 4 Boobs, since a very large part of our mission is to help bring these issues to the forefront and get as many people as we can using safer natural deodorant alternatives! Making the switch to an all-natural deodorant can be made in three easy steps.

1. Throw away all of your crappy deodorant or antiperspirant. 

2. Get yourself a Barbells for Boobs FATCO Pit Pack. 

3. Stop the Stank the natural way!

Now that the armpit talk is out of the way, let’s focus on the real Star of the Show, Barbells for Boobs! We know that there are lots of amazing organizations out there advocating for Breast Cancer awareness, so why did we choose to partner with this specific one??? Because Barbells for Boobs “serves the community as a proactive voice, a resource for early detection services and support post diagnosis with an emphasis on fitness and wellness for anyone affected.” The focus on fitness and wellness is where the Barbells come into play.

According to, “1 out of 8 women and 1 out of 1,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, 7% will be under the age of 40. No one is Immune to breast cancer.”

To date, Barbells for Boobs has helped over 20,000 individuals and counting! We are excited to help this number grow by donating 15% off all Pit Pack proceeds to Barbells for Boobs!

Zionna Hanson, the founder of Barbells for Boobs discovered FATCO on her personal journey to cleaning up her body care. She said, “My work at Barbells for Boobs has taught me so much about breast cancer and the risks associated with cosmetic products. I am grateful for companies like FATCO because I can confidently wear Pit Pack as a safe product for my body, mind, and soul.”

We are honored to be working with Barbells for Boobs and joining them in the fight against breast cancer!  When you purchase a Barbells for Boobs FATCO Pit Pack, you are not only taking steps towards investing in your long-term health, but you are also helping women and men in need of support! AND you are helping to spread the message and get more people using safer deodorant alternatives! It truly is a win-win!

So what are you waiting for?? Head on over to and grab your very own Pit Pack here!

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